Remedials - getting impatient


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Sep 12, 2006

Remedials were received at DoDMERB on Nov 17 per delivery confirmation.
This one has been removed from son's status, so I assume they did get them.

R251.00 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2351 - missing evaluation(s)

Status now shows:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested
R222.00 - Obtain a scoliosis study, to include Cobb measurements

The doctor who ordered the Xrays for my son was pretty surprised since he
would never have sent him for eval based on his physical exam - anyways the curve was considered very minor - like 5%. Son has had no prior diagnosis or treatment and no problems playing hockey and lacrosse and running cross-country.
My question -- is this result of any concern to DoDMERB and any idea how and what they are doing with this now?

I read the following in one of your posts - so should the status change from Remedial Requested to Under Review? I assume a doctor has to look at this?

"If the remedials that you have submitted can be cleared by the reviewer then the case will just go to a qualified status. If it needs to go into the physician for review, then the status will change to under review before the qualified/disqualified status changes."

As for the scoliosis, if the examining physician notes any scoliosis, DoDMERB has to go for the x-rays. If the scoliosis is less than 15 degrees then there is no problem at all.

My question for you, did you send both the items together or did your physician say he/she was going to mail them in? If you sent them both in together, I would call DoDMERB and see exactly where the package is in the system. If the physician stated he/she was going to mail them, I'd call the physicians office to find out when they were mailed out.

If an applicant is in a disqualified status, when the reviewer forwards a case in to the physician at DoDMERB the status changes on the web site to "under review". I'm not sure if the same goes when an applicant is in a remedial status. I'm going to have to check on that and get back with you.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, we sent everything together in one package, including the letter and results from the doctor and radiologist. I'll call and hopefully get to talk to a person.

Just FYI for others - seems like the best time to get a live person at DoDMERB is first thing in the morning when they open. Every time I tried in the afternoon, I was on hold or told to call back.
Anyway, the paperwork we sent was received and passed on to a physician to review. I was told that the status on the website will not change until it comes back from him. So apparently, it will remain at Remdials Requested until then.