Remedials Requested?


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Sep 12, 2006
Updated DoDMERB now reads:

Agency: US Coast Guard Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested

R222.00 - Obtain a scoliosis study, to include Cobb measurements
R251.00 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2351

new entry under correspondence: ( what does that mean??)

Correspondence - Remedial(s) with no clin/Admin Remedial(s): *NONE*

What is the next step? Wait for a mail request to get the scoliosis study or go ahead and do one?

If there is a date next to the correspondence it means that a letter was sent out requesting the remedial information. The scoliosis series is an x-ray or a series of x-rays that will be read by a radiologist and the scoliosis will be measured using the Cobb method (a way to measure the curvature of the spine). DoDMERB will need the x-rays and the radiologists report as well as any medical records regarding the scoliosis. If there are no records then a statement saying that will suffice. The applicant will also need to write an activities statement and include a statement of whether a back brace was ever used for the scoliosis.

For the incomplete DD 2351, more than likely the physician that did the examination left a block blank on the examination. Your family physician can do that exam and check the block.

You can go ahead and get the scoliosis series started, but you will have to wait for the letter to get the DD 2351 completed.