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Aug 29, 2007
I just received a letter form DoDMERB saying that I need to do another urine analysis. I am not sure what this about, since I have never done drugs, or even smoke. I did have a fruit smoothie before my exam since no one told me that I shouldn't eat before hand. Does anyone know what this might be about.

Also, I have a history of asthma, but have not had an attack since the age of 8 or 9. I do have an emergency inhaler, but I never use it. The doctor wrote down that it was (my asthma) "not a problem". I didn't receive any other remedial other than the analysis. Will I get something else for an asthma specialist?
DoDMERB does not do drug tests, so the reason for the repeat urinalysis most likely is for a trace of protien found in the urine. This can be caused by multiple reasons, the most likely of which is that you did not refrain from strenous activities for 4 days prior to your examination. For your repeat urinalysis refrain form strenous activities for 3 days prior to the test and drink lots of fluids. It should come back normal then.

As for the history of asthma, DoDMERB should have requested birth to present medical records, but they could have changed the protocol for asthma and they aren't requesting records any longer. If you have questions regarding this I would suggest that you call DoDMERB and request to speak with the reviewer on your case and go over it with him/her.
I had been running the night before. I was unaware that this would result in that. So, I should stop all physical activity 3 days before?

As for the asthma, they did request my medical forms. What if the doctors are slow in responding, my mom is very forceful so it shouldn't be a problem. But, if my records were not to be received in the 90 days, what would be the outcome? I say this because, as a child I moved quite often, and it is hard to remember the hospital names.
If you are able to take 3 days off from heavy exercise I would. Also ensure that you stay well hydrated.

For the records, obtain as many as you can quickly. When you submit them to DoDMERB, attach a cover letter stating just what you've done here, you've moved a lot and can't remember all the physicians or hospitals. Make sure you state that the missing records cover age __ to age ___. DoDMERB understands that you are not alway able to obtain medical records.

Just thought that I would let you know that I have been cleared from DoDMERB and have been offered a scholarship from A&M. I would just like to thank all of you, because you helped me understand, and not give up on, the process.
Thanks again