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Jun 11, 2006
Here is the information from the DoDMERB website:

Agency: US Air Force Academy
Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested

R220.00 - Provide copies of all medical and surgical records regarding shoulder surgery.
R252.30 - DD Form 2379, Statement of History Regarding Head Injury(ies)

D257.00 - Refractive error greater than -1.00 diopters in any meridian
D257.60 - Unaided near visual acuity worse than 20/20 (not PPQ)
D257.62 - Unaided distant visual acuity worse than 20/50
Does "Remedial Requested" mean that we will be hearing from DoDMERB on the remedial issues? I was a little confused due to the following statement which was included above the medical status:

Please do NOT Complete the additional tests, evaluations, or requests for additional information (codes that begin with "R") unless directed to do so by DoDMERB. If a medical waiver is granted, DoDMERB will request you complete these at that time. If a medical waiver is not granted, DoDMERB will not require these results or information. Completion prior to that "may" result in unnecessary expenses and infringement on your time.
So, should we be requesting a waiver, or just wait until we hear from DoDMERB?

The D codes that are listed are all "soft" disqualifications for USAFA. When/if you/your son/daughter is found qualified for USAFA it will be as "Commission Qualified". The statement in red is a statement that is listed on every applicants web page. DoDMERB more than likely has already mailed out a letter requesting the remedials. There should be a line on the applicant web page that states "Correspondence" and the type of letter and date it was generated.

I would start gathering all the medical records concerning the shoulder surgery, from the initial injury all the way until the physician released back to full activities. When the DoDMERB letter arrives it will have the head injury questionnaire attached, and that is filled out by the applicant (make sure to sign and date it!).

My son's DoDMERB status was just updated. Would you, please, enlightening me on meaning of the "air only" portion of this comment? Thanks.

R122.00 - Obtain audiometry, air only
Sure, your son needs a repeat hearing test. Either it was done incorrectly, not recorded correctly, or not done at all. The repeat audiogram needs to be done using ANSI Standards. The "air only" means that it is a routine audiogram (using headphones) and not a bone conduction audiogram. The frequencies that need to be measured are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 in the right and left ears. Your family physician may not be able to do it in the office, but will be able to refer you to someplace that can do them, or if you are close to a military base, the letter that you receive from DoDMERB will let you go the base hospital or clinic to get it done there.

Some advise, and this pertains to all applicants, for 2 days prior to the exam, try to have the applicant not be exposed to loud noise. Take away the i-pods, pull the volume knob off the car stereo (make sure its turned down first! :shake:), don't let them go to concerts, shoot guns, operate heavy machinery, stand behind jet aircraft... I think you get the message. There are a couple of reasons for this, first, you want the applicant to pass the hearing test, second, at the end of the applicants 20 years in the service (24 including school) the DoDMERB hearing test can be used as the baseline hearing test for entering service. If its a poor test due to noise exposure and you are requesting disability from the VA for hearing loss, the hearing loss may not be reflected. You want to have the initial hearing test as accurate as possible.

Sorry I rambled on... Darla, once the letter from DoDMERB comes, take it to your family physician or a military treatment facility. They will know what to do with it! If your family physician sends you elsewhere for the exam, take the paperwork with you to show the technician.

Hope this helps!! If not, let me know! :thumb:

I wanted to express my thanks for your advice. It was very helpful.

Today, my son's Current Medical Status on the DoDMERB website changed to Potential Navigator Qualified. It's just the beginning of a long process, but it is a relief to have this stage behind us.

Just got back from son's audiometry. (This was in response to the "R122.00 - Obtain audiometry, air only" on his DoDMERB webpage.) The Dr. was amazed at how GOOD my son can hear. Is it possible that DoDMERB requested another hearing exam because the results of the first one were just as good and they didn't believe it was recorded properly? (All this time we've been thinking, "Son has bad hearing and we didn't even know it." When in reality -- son has really great hearing -- and we didn't even know it.)

Most likely one of two things occured on your sons initial hearing test. One, there was no information placed on the form, or two, one of the blocks was left blank resulting in an incomplete hearing test. DoDMERB expects young applicants to have good hearing, so I doubt that was it. But now you can take comfort in knowing that your son can hear everything that you say to him, it may be that he just isn't listening! :shake: So the next time he says he didn't hear what you said, just wave the hearing test results in his face!
those hearing tests are not very reliable. After you hear a few beeps your ear starts ringing and you can't tell what is the actual sound. I failed it the first time because of that, but the doctor let me take it again because the results said i was legally deaf. the second time i just pressed the button every couple of seconds and got them all.

If your ears start ringing when it gets quiet there may be another issue, but if you were able to pass the test I wouldn't worry. It is possible that the instructions given were not clear to you initially and the second time around you understood the instructions a little better. I did hearing tests for most of my 20 years in the military, and the chances of someone guessing on the test and passing are slim. Most issues are due to mis-understandings with the instructions.
RetNavyHM is correct. I guess I took it 25 times and the hearing loss started after about the fifth one. No matter how hard I tried to cheat, I have a great documentation of hearing loss associated with jet engines.