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Dec 19, 2007
Hey, my son just received a couple remedials in the mail, by the army ROTC. Two were administrative. One was for braces, which isn't a big deal we filled out and the orthodontist said they will be off next month.

The second administrative was for headaches. He used to get migraines as a child but hasn't had them since age 10, he took medication but we dont remember what it was called because it was for 2 weeks, and we have no means of contacting the doctor to check the records. He may get one or two normal headaches a year that he doesn't take any medication for, should he say he gets 1 or 2 a year or none?

The third was for a high pulse on the physical. It was 105, this time he got 95. Will they take the lower score and ignore the 105? Because I know over a 100 is a DQ, but since this is below a 100 will he not need a waiver?

I'll start from the top down.

Wait to submit the remedials until the braces have been removed. If he is still in braces he will get a disqualification. Once the braces are off, then the disqualification can be removed, but its easier for everyone involved to wait until the braces have been removed and not get a disqualification at all.

Answer the headache questionnaire exactly as you have stated here. DoDMERB does understand that you may not remember exactly what medication was taken 6 or 7 years ago. They also understand that it is not possible to contact physicians from years ago as well.

DoDMERB will use the most recent reading, which is the reason for the remedial vs. disqualifying right away.