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Jan 29, 2017
Is it common to be waiting a month for administrative remedials to get reviewed? I am CPR and am on my second batch of administrative remedials, with 3 weeks to go until the last admissions board I don't know if my remedials will be examined as I sent the new documents on March 7th and still haven't heard back. If I haven't been cleared medically and haven't been disqualified, by the time my application is reviewed- with the April 15th deadline in mind- what will likely happen?
Medical is separate from your application review. Your application will be reviewed without your medical status. If an appointment will be extended and you are awaiting a medical waiver you will get an LOA with a medical waiver requirement.
My USNA liaison told me that USNA grants out honorary appointments without medical being approved yet because the DODMERB process can take so long. Best of luck!