Requesting another date for CVW?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by USMAROTCFamily, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Our DD received an invitation for a spring CVW, however, she cannot attend due to it being the same date as her ACT test. Is there a way to decline this invitation, but respectfully request an invitation to a future fall date? She would very much like to attend and learn as much as she can about the academy. If so, who should she contact?
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    Sure, my son's invitation was for his school's Homecoming weekend. He emailed his admissions officer, told him that if push came to shove he would attend the CVW but hoped for an alternative date. He received a reply the next day with 3 possible alternative dates - and he had a great time! They understand scheduling conflicts...:thumb:
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    This brings up a good point; while more routine situations can be passed through the BGO or AC, if there is a real urgency involved and it a change in a CVW date for example is necessary, it is best to go through an admissions officer. They have access to the alternative dates available and where there are vacancies available, thereby enabling a change to be accomplished in a matter of a couple of days as opposed to weeks. If you are in the middle of one of these situations please keep your BGO in the loop.

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