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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by RTMell, Oct 9, 2012.

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    My mom is filling out the affidavit for residency for our congressional district. However, one of the lines is affirming that she's voted in the county we live in, but we moved a few years ago and she hasn't registered nor voted in the county because we haven't had a general election since we've moved. We pay real estate taxes to the county and town we live in though. Any idea whether my mom's not being registered to vote is going to disqualify me from being a resident for the nomination I'm applying for? Also I called the congressional office, but I wanted to hear some opinions/anyone with any input on this.
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    Your mother is a legal resident of the district if she lives there, claims that state for tax purposes, registers her car there, and/or has her driver's license there, regardless of whether she is registered to vote (assuming she is not registered to vote in another district; if she is, she should notify the state that she has moved). The district is presumably the one in which she would register to vote were she to do so.

    It may be easier for her to register to vote. It's very easy to do these days and the fact you are registered imposes no obligation actually to vote, if you don't want to vote.

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