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    Hi -- I'm noticing that now that the 2017 pre-application is available there are more sophomores/juniors and their parents on this forum. Just wanted to pass on some resources for those of you who, like me, want to know EVERYTHING I can about USAFA, the process, doolie year, etc.! "The Air Force Academy Candidate Book -- How to Prepare, How to Get In, How to Survive" by William L. Smallwood and Sue Ross was a great one to give my daughter to read during the summer. It has alot of the same information as the very knowledgeable people on this forum and may be a bit dated, but the counsel overall is still very good. It also has some nice anecdotes and stories of past cadets and a special part for parents. My daughter read it cover to cover, as did I, and it helped us both understand the process and really motivated her to push the process forward herself. I also read "Skies to Conquer -- A Year Inside the Air Force Academy" by Diana Jean Schemo. While it examines some controversial issues that USAFA had to deal with in the past, it provided insight into the school and really helped me get a sense of what it might be like if my daughter go an appointment and ultimately confirmed to me that the academy is a place where my daughter could thrive.
    I ordered both off of as they weren't available at the local bookstore.
    I hope this is helpful, and good luck!

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