Responses to "You're for sure getting in!"?


Jan 12, 2015
This is probably gonna be kind of like the "Your son goes where?" thread. Whenever I mention applying to USAFA to friends or family, their reactions are usually something like "Oh you're definitely gonna get in, you're smart and athletic and big into aviation and..." They're always really confused when I tell them that nobody can count on getting an appointment because it's so competitive, and it's more likely than not that I won't get one. Being rejected from any school with high grades and test scores must be incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with SAs, and I get a lot of comments that I'm crazy for thinking there's any way I wouldn't be accepted, or something along those lines. What's a good response to this kind of thing?
"There's several thousand just like me trying for just over a thousand spots, from thousands of high schools around the country. I would be very happy to be one of them, but it's not a sure thing. Have you decided between Tech and U yet?"

Develop your stock answer, then switch gears and ask about them, something specific, that shows you remember. A good tactic that is positive.
I will be preparing my response because I won't be able to count how many times my relatives will ask me about my application to the SAs over the holidays[emoji23]
I will add that sometimes it's best to just smile and say "thank you, I really appreciate it". A lot of the time, "you're for sure getting in!" is meant as a motivational encouragement, not necessarily as a qualitative analysis of your actual chances of receiving an appointment.