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    I used to have a heart murmur as a youth, and even though it's closed up over the years, I still have a slight heart murmur. How would this be looked at during a physical? Would it result in a denial? Should I bring a waiver?

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    I am not a doctor nor do I play one on tv. There are different kinds of heart murmurs, some more serious than others. Assuming you listed everything on your paperwork, DoDMERB will decide if it is a DQ or a remedial, which would mean more paperwork from your doctor or a specialist. You don't bring a waiver to your physical. If you are DQ'd and the SA/ROTC thinks you're competitive, they will issue a waiver and let you know what else needs to be done. Just be honest and list everything on your forms. It helps if you have past documentation of your health history (when was it first diagnosed, were there any restrictions, what is the prognosis, etc.). Good luck!
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    I agree with ca2mid.

    The fact is you have to go through the exam process., which includes acknowledging the heart murmur and the type.

    DODMERB Q's, DQ's or asks for remedials. The commissioning source decides if they will place you into the waiver process.

    I don't know what waiver you would bring to the exam, I am assuming you are saying your family doc has said no restrictions from a physical perspective.

    However, remember for the commissioning source this is not about you. It is about how your medical condition will impact not only the mission, but those serving with you. Plus, when they waive this issued, they are stating that they are accepting you with a pre-conditoon health issue for the foreseeable future,. If it deteriorates, they will pick up the tab. If you stay for 20, they will pick up the bill until you die.

    Just go forward, get your medical records in order.
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    Personal experience: you will likely require a waiver. I was eventually denied by USAFA, but waivered by USNA/USMMA. Not sure the difference or why it was an issue to be honest.

    Had a VSD that closed by age 18.

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