Results of Medical Remedial


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Aug 2, 2006
Who sends the results of a medical remedial to DoDMERB?

My son had an outpatient medical procedure on Monday as part of a remedial request. The clinic where we were referred by Concorde and the hospital where the procedure was performed both seemed unsure of the Concorde/DoDMERB process.

Should the clinic be responsible for sending results to DoDMERB or is that something we take care of just as for administrative remedials? If the clinic is responsible I will definitely be following up to make sure results are sent.
If the remedial was done through Concorde the physician has a specific time frame to get the remedial to Concorde, and Concorde has a specific time frame to get the remedial to DoDMERB. Don't quote me on it, but I think its 2 days from physician to Concorde and 3 days from Concorde to DoDMERB. If the time frame isn't met there are financial penalties.

If it was done through a private physician I would make it my responsibility to get the remedial to DoDMERB.

Of course it never hurts to make a phone call to ensure the remedial was sent off regardless of who did the remedial.