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    This is my candidate activities record. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. (ACT super score is 30, retaking in September)

    -Ranked number 1 in my class of 207
    -Academic Letter (grades 9, 10, 11)
    -Academic All American, Debate (11)
    -Certificate of Achievement, Academic Olympiad (11/05/14)
    -Certificate of Achievement, Science Olympiad (May 2015)

    -English Honors (10, 11)
    -Secondary Math II Honors (10)
    -Math 1050/1060 (College Algebra/Trigonometry) Utah State University (11)
    -General Psychology, Utah State University (11)
    -AP Biology (11)
    -AP Calculus (12)
    -AP Chemistry (12)
    -AP English (12)
    -AP European History (12)


    10th grade:
    -Co-Captain, Debate
    assisted in debate event preparation for the team leadership
    -member, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    11th grade:
    -Vice President, Debate
    Oversaw tournament preparation, chose captains for debate and speech events; and planned the end of year banquet.
    -President, National Technical Honors Society
    Organized new chapter and induction ceremonies.
    -Vice President, Junior Class
    Organized Junior Prom: scheduled volunteers, found DJs, provided photography, reserved a venue, decorated, and delegated these tasks.
    -Vice President of Public Relations, FBLA
    Planned two benefit concerts which raised more than 30,000 dollars for struggling families in my community and became a team leader of a YUDA bands project that was sponsored by my FBLA chapter, where we sold bracelets that raised high school tuition for youth in Guatemala.
    -Vice President and founder, Service Club
    Donation organization at the Youth Futures Homeless shelter, benefit dinners for individuals in my community fighting cancer, and fundraising to build schools in Kenya, Africa, for at-risk youth.

    12th grade:
    -President, Speech and Debate
    Helped organize the 2015-2016 debate curriculum; plan officer meetings; chose individuals for leadership positions: Vice President, Secretary, and Tournament Coordinator; and plan/oversee team practices. Currently ranked number 4 in our 712 member district. I competed at the 2015 National Speech and Debate Tournament in Dallas, Texas, in Lincoln Douglas Debate, also judging the middle school national tournament. I compete in Congressional Debate, Public Forum Debate, Oratory, Impromptu, and started a mock trial.(varsity 10, 11, 12)
    -Vice President, FBLA
    Delegated leadership positions: Secretary, Marketing Director, and Reporter; plan leadership conferences, organize officer retreats, plan social events, assist in event education for our members, and seek/receive sponsors. I competed at the 2014 (Nashville) and 2015 (Chicago) National Leadership Conferences in Public Speaking I and II and attended the FBLA Fall Leadership Conference in grades 10, 11, and 12. (member 10, 11, 12)
    -President and founder, Empowering Youth to Prevent Suicide,EYPS(sponsored by Hope Squad)
    Organize weekly support groups, monthly member meetings with guest speakers, and staff training for suicide intervention.
    -President, National Honors Society
    Organize officer meetings, society events, and service projects
    -President, Service Club
    Delegated leadership positions: Vice President, Secretary, and Service Researcher which assist in the planning and execution of service projects.(Sponsored by Rotary Club)
    -Executive Vice President, National Technical Honors Society
    Plan socials, induction ceremonies, and assist in scholarship applications.
    -Student School Board Member
    Represent Morgan High School student body at Morgan School District Board meetings, reporting on high school organizations, events, and moral/school spirit.

    Community Leadership:
    -2015 Boys Nation Senator
    Had the opportunity to listen to speakers on the importance of leadership, patriotism, and involvement; debated bills; and met elected officials including the President of the United States, Senator Hatch, Senator Lee, and Representative Rob Bishop.
    -2015 Boys State
    Elected as City Councilman and Nation Senator and learned throughout the week about government, law, and Americanism.
    -Board member, Young Democrats of Utah, High School Caucus
    Draft legislation, increase membership via a social media campaign, and lobby on Utah's capitol hill.
    -Worship Associate, Unitarian Universalist local congregation
    Assist the minister in worship services, speak in services, and help plan future services.
    -Utah Valley University Leadership conference (10, 11, 12)
    Attended seminars on leadership, student involvement, and passion.
    -4H local Youth Leadership Summit
    Seminar on teamwork, leadership, and involvment

    -Cross Country Team Captain (12)
    -Track and Field Sophomore Captain (10)
    -Track and Field Junior Captain (11)
    -Track and Field Team Captain (12)
    -Indoor Track and Field Team Captain (11,12)
    -Varsity Track Outdoor/Indoor(10, 11, 12)
    110m hurdles, 300m hurdles, and the 400m dash. At district meet in the 2015 outdoor season, placed second in the 110m hurdles and fourth in the 300m hurdles, helping the men's team win district champion. At the state meet, I placed 12th in the 110 hurdles and 10th in the 300 hurdles. During the 2014/15 Indoor season, I ran in the 60m high hurdle state finals and competed in the 200m, 60m, and long jump.
    -Cross Country (10,11,12)

    Extracurricular/curricular (not listed above):
    -Science Olympiad (11, 12)
    Competed at State in Anatomy/Physiology and Cell Biology.
    -Academic Olympiad (11)
    Individual testing and a team quiz bowl.
    -Academic Decathlon (12)
    Individual testing
    -Yearbook staff

    Labor (268 hours):
    -Built three 8'x12’ storage sheds and assisted in other projects at the Youth Futures Homeless shelter in Ogden, UT. Oversaw many projects including leading a group of Airmen from Hill AFB on a build. I split the Airmen into different groups to increase efficiency. With their help, the final storage shed was finished. I continue to volunteer at the Shelter Home. The Standard Examiner newspaper wrote: ' "He's got a great heart," the father of the 16-year old. "He's one of my heroes." But Jacob Rice said he just wanted to do what he could. "It's a great thing for youth to have a safe place to come to, a safe place to recover and get on their feet, an opportunity to be all they can be." He [Jacob Rice] said he is excited to see youths get help, support and resources.'
    -Provided grounds care for the Weber Morgan Children’s Justice Center.
    -Painted a Doctors without Borders health care clinic: four observation/treatment rooms and one surgical area.

    Citizenship (70 hours):
    -Citizen Lobbyist
    Lobbied for Utah Senate Bill 296 with Senator Millner, a bill that balances LGBT rights in housing and employment with religious liberties. My transgender parent, prior to the passing of the bill, could have been fired based on gender identity. This inspired me to lobby for a bill that would provide protection against discrimination for my parent and for my state--this experience led to my passion for civic involvement and was the idea behind my Boys Nation Bill: a bill to include gender identity and sexual orientation as a protected minority under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which would ensure protection from housing, employment, and public accommodation discrimination. This bill was overwhelmingly passed in our Senate session and will be going to the President of the United State’s desk for review--my involvement in government helped others because Senator Millner voted in favor of the bill.
    -Participated at Utah Youth Suicide and Homelessness; Caring & Daring Event (Weber State, 04/15).
    This inspired me to create EYPS. This involvement helps other people because it educates my community on issues and ultimately provides hope/safety for at-risk youth.
    -Volunteer, Special Needs Track and Field (2013-present).
    Attend and mentor many special needs track and field events throughout the season. My responsibilities range from helping a disabled child throw a Javelin, to keeping the children in their lanes as they run by.

    Sharing talent (5 hours):
    -Violinist for children and their families at Primary Children’s Hospital, three occasions.
    -Violinist and guitarist for the Pine View Transitional Rehab Facility, two occasions. My sister works at this Surgical Rehab Facility, and together we have provided musical therapy for the patients.
    -Violinist for an annual dinner at Roy Elementary School for the parents of disabled children.

    -Have provided lawn and exterior care to 7 homes in my neighborhood since the summer of 10th grade.

    -1st, Northern UT Debate National Qualifier, Lincoln Douglas(2014-15)
    -2nd, Northern UT Congress National Qualifier(2014-15)
    -1st, Caesar Cicero tournament, Lincoln Douglas(2014-15)
    -2nd, Morgan Tri County tournament, Lincoln Douglas(2014-15)
    -2nd, Viewmont Viking tournament, Oratory(2014-15)
    -1st, Freemont tournament, Lincoln Douglas(2013-14)
    -3rd, Viewmont tournament, Lincoln Douglas(2013-14)
    -Certificate of Recognition, Morgan School Board, Debate (05/12/15)

    -3rd, State Leadership Conference, Public Speaking II (March 2015)
    -1st, Region Leadership Conference, Public Speaking II, Management & Decision Making (11/18/14)
    -3rd, State Leadership Conference, Public Speaking I (2013-14)
    -3rd, Region Leadership Conference, Public Speaking I (01/23/14)

    -Varsity Letter, Debate (10,11)
    -Varsity Letter, Track and Field,(10, 11,)
    -Certificate of Achievement, YUDA Bands (2014-15)
    -Certificate of Achievement, Cross Country, Grades (10, 11, 12)

    -Certificate of Participation, American Legion Boys Nation Memorial Service, 07/24/15
    -Certificate of Graduation, Boys Nation, 07/24/15
    -Certificate of Completion, Hinckley Institute of Politics’ Youth Political Engagement Project, 06/12/15
    -Certificate of Graduation, 2015 UT Boys State, 06/12/15
    -Certificate of Student Leadership, 2015 UT Boys State, 06/12/15
    -American Legion UT Boys State Leadership Scholarship, 06/12/15
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    You have some excellent leadership, and your public speaking skills will help you immensely with the ALO/MOC interviews. You already know what you need to work on--the ACT score. I would also suggest taking the SAT since you can choose to submit either one.

    On another note, I would strongly recommend changing your username if that is your real name. People who will be next year's cadre DO FREQUENT this forum. I believe there were multiple cadets in my class that got targeted during BCT for things they said on social media. You don't want to be well-known if you end up coming next me.

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