Retaking the CFA pass deadline?

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    Hello all, my deadline for USAFA is November 14th, I'm not sure I can get a strong CFA score in, I'm just barely reaching the averages here. Is it possible to retake it pass my 11/14th deadline?
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    This is going to sound harsh, but here it goes!

    Life at USAFA is competitive from day 1 when you start BCT. BCT aka Beast is physical. USAFA due to their location at a high altitude compared to USNA, USMA, CGA and USMMA takes this into consideration when looking at the CFAs. They know for many cadets their run time will be slower, same with the entire CFA/PFA. IOWS, your run for 1 1/2 miles in GA is 10 mins., but might be 11 at USAFA due to the elevation.

    You are sitting here and saying that you are BARELY reaching the avgs, and expect you may need to do a retake before the due date!
    ~ CFA is pass or fail. If you are barely meeting the avgs., don't assume they will offer you a retake. You met the avg.

    Only USAFA can re-open your CFA. Once submitted it is submitted. I would not expect or think that they will allow a 2nd try. Typically, if USAFA allows it, they only do so because they deem you highly competitive, and your CFA is holding you back. IOWS, they don't allow a 2nd chance for EVERY candidate.

    Welcome to the AF where they demand you to perform at your highest level on the 1st try. Think about it from another view, ADAF as a pilot in combat. Your mission is to take out a target. You don't get a 2nd chance if you miss the 1st time around... your miss could kill innocent civilians, you could be running out of fuel, you could have the enemy shooting at you if you have to do a 2nd go. The request for a 2nd CFA may seem innocent enough from a small picture POV, but from their POV you are already making excuses.
    ~~ CFA is part of your mission as a candidate.
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