ROTC 3 Year Scholarship - How to apply?

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking into joining the Army ROTC at my university. I'm a sophomore at the moment, and will not be attending next semester since I'm leaving for basic training. Is there any way I could start up my process so when I'm back in the spring, I could be ready to go, with maybe qualifying for the scholarship? I have a 2.9 GPA as a Biology and Education major, holding my HS's 400m indoor record. I dont even know how to apply for the scholarship. I talked to the director of the ROTC program and all he told me was to enroll in the class and scholarship would be discussed later.
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    If you are in Basic training, aren't you in the SMP program? Are you NG?

    The right person to speak with at the ROTC unit is the Recruiting Operations Officer. As a college student you cannot simply "apply" for an Army scholarship like a high school student. You can be awarded a 2 year campus-based scholarship by the cadre of your battalion. However, your being in basic training adds complexity to this equation.
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    965 most cases you are expected to be enrolled in Army ROTC before you are considered for a campus based scholarship. If you talked to the “director for the ROTC program” you probably did talk to the ROO and he told you what you have to do. Because you are going to Basic and because you are going to be a sophomore in the spring you may be offered a non scholarship contract, which, depending on your situation may not be a bad deal. You will also probably be an SMP Cadet, which means there will still be some good benefits, and depending on the school may be almost as good as a scholarship. Check back with that Director and ask him how their campus based scholarship works.
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