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    I'm going to be applying for an ROTC scholarship. I was wondering if I should try and make the first board or wait until the second board due to my test scores increasing. Right now I have a 1140 SAT and 25 ACT. I plan on retaking the SAT and getting at least a 1250. Would it just be better to get into the first board or just wait until I slightly improve my scores
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    I am not sure which ROTC you are trying to go for, but you should go forward submit. I know NROTC allows you to update your SAT/ACT scores after submission - if needed. That is the only thing you can update. It takes some time to get all the other items together to include the interview, I would recommend don't wait.
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    I can only give you the advice my daughter received (Army) last year at this same time. She had a 22 ACT, basically that she needed a 24 or higher (1100 or higher on the SAT) to get full points on her interview. That is something you cannot go back and redo. She was advised to wait and interview after receiving her scores which meant she did not apply for the first board, she was able to get her score up and get full points on the interview for her score, which was her goal. While each candidate is only boarded once, you can resubmit test scores later. The test score is just one number in a very big puzzle, it is a whole person score. So totally your call, but since you are in the range of getting full points on your interview for your test scores, then it doesn't hurt you to go for it and then add in scores later. This advice is what she received, I would ask the ROO at the school you are doing your interview at and get their advice, it will be much more valuable than mine. And remember, this is for Army, I have no idea how the other services work for their test scores.
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