Rotc - crosstown PT rules?


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Nov 21, 2017
Hello all! Our son was in AF ROTC as a crosstown cadet. He went to most PT sessions, but missed 5 for various reasons. He went in today and was told he can no longer participate because he missed too many PT sessions. Apparently once you attend a certain number of sessions you aren’t considered crosstown anymore.

He’s pretty upset because this wasn't explained to him and he thought he was doing the right thing by making an effort to go to them.

Any suggestions? He was not scholarship although was hoping to apply for his sophomore year.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
I am with Army ROTC, so I could be mistaken but that does not sound right to me. Crosstown refers to your academic school, not to where you attend PT. Attendance to PT does not affect as whether you are Host School, crosstown, etc.

Additionally, I would assume that attendance to PT is only mandatory for contracted cadets (at least that it how it works in Army ROTC).

He should get the specific reason on why they are dropping him, and the regulation that supports that reason, as it sounds BS to me and not the complete story.

It will probably annoy thatROTC program, but you could call them and inquire about your son's situation. Another, alternative is if your son is at no fault, the Army ROTC program could be a better choice.
Missing 5 PT sessions in a semester is ridiculous, crosstown or not. "Various reasons" aren't going to be of interest to the staff. If you're having issues being where you're supposed to be, you need to speak up. Otherwise, you're expected to be where you're supposed to be. Honestly, this doesn't surprise me. If he doesn't want to put the work in, why should the staff?
The issue is that as a crosstown cadet he was not expected to attend any of them. Those crosstown cadets that do not attend have to submit a memo detailing what they did instead of PT. He did all those. He got a message from someone in his unit letting him know that he missed 4 PT sessions. He responded that he's a crosstown cadet, and he was thought PT was optional. She said that "He does not get excused because you come to PT everyday". He missed the 5th one due to a college visit out of state (he's at the local CC and will transfer to a 4 year school. They knew about trip well in advance). So, he would have been better off not attending any PT. I'm going to see if he got anything in writing.

They called him in today for a meeting and let him know he was being dropped from the program for missing PT.
Your son needs to schedule a face-to-face meeting with his ROTC chain of command using their open-door policy if he has concerns. His PMS will have such a policy, and it will not be hard to find. He will likely have to schedule the meeting. He obviously needs to be fully prepared to address missing PT, and he needs to ask what the standard is.

Absolutely zero people on this board can help with this. Zero.
Our DD is an NROTC crosstown midshipman. She is out the door before 6:30 am to travel across town to PT 2-3 mornings each week. They are expected to be there on time and ready to go.
Our DS was crosstown cadet, PT when held at the host school was mandatory, there were enough cadets from his College that they had PT, twice a week at his school. I don't believe he missed any sessions. PT being optional even for someone without a contract doesn't sound possible. I think your son may have misunderstood. Is he in a community college? Perhaps that's why it's optional.