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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by AppealToHeaven, Aug 28, 2013.

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    I am posting this on both the Naval Academy forum as well as the ROTC forum as it is relevant to both. I’ve been a participant here for almost four years as my DS began the process of applying to the Naval Academy almost four years ago. The Navy has always been a lifelong dream for him.

    To make a long story short, we suffered/anguished through most of the frustrations many of you are or have or are beginning to encounter through this process. My son was a well-qualified candidate, received his congressional nomination, did well in school and on his ACT, visited the Academy on invitation, but eventually, like the overwhelming majority, received his little white envelope – that was a bad day to say the least.

    But not giving up, my DS had applied as well for the four year NROTC scholarship. Once again, very close, down to the final cut, but another major disappointment - nothing. Undeterred, DS joined the NROTC program as a college programmer at Iowa State two years ago as a freshman. He has worked hard, tried to prove himself to leadership, and volunteered for many a thing he did not want to do. After year one, still no side load three year scholarship.

    Remaining steadfast, DS continued to apply himself through his sophomore year and was awarded this summer his two year side load scholarship. He signed his papers yesterday.

    Moms and Dads, if DS or DD have their heart set on the US Navy, read this brief post to them. I hope their first choice and options come through for them, but please tell them to never give up on their dream if things do not work according to plan. Looking back, do I wish that everything would have worked out as we had planned and hoped it would initially? Maybe, but I am so proud of my DS for his perseverance, and I know that the lessons he has learned through this journey will be building blocks for life.

    And many thanks to all of you on both of these forums who have been such a huge help and encouragement through this long journey.

    You can do it.
    Never give up.
    God will help you.
    Only in America.
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    Congratulations to your son! It does indeed take hard work and dedication. At the same time it can be trans-formative. I wish him well over the next two years as well as his future endeavors.
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    Way to persevere! :thumb:
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    This is a great testimony to your son and to single minded focus on accomplishing the goal. Frankly, it is candidates like this that truly want to serve who will appreciate the road ahead a bit more (perhaps) than those who get first choice, first try.

    The journey is just starting but I would expect great things from your DS in the future.

    Well done!

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