ROTC in 3 years?


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Mar 21, 2017
Hi guys. I have a bit of a special situation that I'd like to ask about. I started college at 16, and will soon transfer to a university out of state now that I'm about to turn 18. I will take 3 more years to complete my degree, so I'll graduate at 21. I want to ask if it would be possible to complete Army ROTC in 3 years instead of four?
I have good grades, good fitness score and I speak Mandarin at the conversational level (if any of this matters).
If you started college, while still in high school (dual enrollment) the process is the same, you would be applying as a HS student.

If you graduated High School and then you completed 2 years of college you would need to compete for a campus based AROTC scholarship. You should contact the unit at the school you are going to transfer to, ask how to join the program as a transfer student, then based on your performance at the school and in the ROTC unit you will be considered for a scholarship.
You can complete ROTC in 3YRS, here are your two options:

1. Compress the MS1 and MS2 years (you would have to take both classes that year)


2. Take either MS 1 or MS 2 year and go to Basic Camp that Summer:

If you are interested in competing for a scholarship, it would be for a campus based as stated by @5Day. Contract the ROO at the new school before you start so they can tell you wait classes to add in order for you to compress and to start your enrollment paperwork.