ROTC Interview Questions


Jun 17, 2017
My son interviewed with a professor of military science a few weeks back. We think the interview went well.
However, a few things have changed since the interview.

1. He noticed that his gpa was incorrectly listed in the ROTC application. He uploaded his transcripts, but the person doing data entry looked in the wrong column and put his gpa as a 3.2 when it is a 3.4 (actually 3.45, whatever). We contacted the board and they changed his gpa. I am thinking the interviewer graded him in part on his incorrect gpa.

2. The August SAT scores can in and his score is 150 points higher than when interviewed.

So questions:
1. Is it appropriate to contact the interviewer with this?
2. Can they change their grade/ranking on the interview once it has been put in the computer?

Thanks in advance,
Your son should send the SAT score to Army ROTC via College Board. I would strongly advice against trying to get the PMS to change the score. In all likelihood this is not possible once it is entered into the system. However, the interview is more about leadership characteristics then it is about SAT score. Remember, the PMS is running a Battalion and probably isn't even thinking about the interview he conducted. Your son will be fine. You are way ahead of the ball game since the first board is coming up in a few weeks. The first board is typically all 4-year scholarships so he is in a great position. I was a first board scholarship Cadet and it all is working out great. Good luck to your son!
Im pretty sure once they upload their interview sheet its done and cant be altered. But if you have not sent the new SAT scores in, its too late to have it sent straight from college board since document submission deadline is Sun. You can log into your son's college board account, download the score report and upload it into the portal.
Thanks guys. The board updated his SAT scores. I think he will be somewhat competitive. If not this board, the next.
The PMS interview can not be changed once it is submitted. During the interview, the prospect is evaluated on appearance, verbal communication, motivation and potential. As well as on some checklist items.

The role the GPA plays in the interview is if whether or not it above 3.0. Attached is the sheet used to score the interview.


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