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    I plan on doing ROTC all 4 years of college along with enlisting in the National Guard to help pay for college. I want to go active duty as an officer and leave the Guard once I graduate. I swore in at MEPS and I am registered for basic the summer of 2018 (I graduate high school May 2018) and AIT the year after that with the split training option. Is it still possible for me to eventually change my contract from NG to Army AD? Do I just not accept the GFRD or SMP scholarships in order to go AD? If my application for the ROTC scholarship was granted to me by the board, am I removed from the NG?
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    You already swore in, signed a contract, and now are asking these questions? If you are offered a national scholarship you will have to be released from the NG. If you do not get a scholarship and enroll in Army ROTC in college you can still go active as long as you don’t accept a GRFD scholarship. You won’t be able to contract before your sophomore year anyways.

    What I strongly recommend you do is ask these same questions of the ROO at the ROTC program or programs you are looking to join, in person if possible.
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    Your first mistake was joining the Guard...