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Aug 18, 2007
Son received an LOA from USMA in October. He hasn't heard anything from Senators (interviews were in late October and early November) and just had interview with Congressman today. However, when I pulled up his file on the website under nominations it says "ROTCH" He did apply for an ROTC I guess this means he got one? He's not gotten a letter or anything yet. So...if this is an ROTC nomination...with his LOA...doe this mean he might/will get an appointment?
(I'm asking because I thought I read somewhere that ROTC nominations don't mean much.)
Yes and yes!

It is good that he applied for nominations from his MOC's - assuming he gets a nomination from his congressman the academy has flexibility in the nominating source from which his appointment will come.
In a nutshell, appointments from ROTC nominations are limited to 20 in any given year. So in the grand scheme of things they don't mean much.
JAM...Thank you, thank you!! He is (we are) excited!!
Thanks for the explanation on ROTC nominations...I understand now.

tndad (mom)
You are welcome - hopefully he has fulfilled all the other terms of his LOA - passed the CFA, medically qualified by DoDMERB etc. If that is done I think his appointment should be coming shortly although USMA may wait until your congressman submits his slate.
He is qualified medically and with his CFA, his file is complete (best we can tell from his page on the site)...the only thing outstanding is that his weight was exactly at the upper limit for his height right before football season so the Commander for this region told him to lose a few pounds. Now that his season is over he is working on :~)

Thanks again!
Just an update...

Son got his appointment in the mail Tuesday!!!! He is thrilled and jumping and high fiving and beating his chest...STILL! Our MOCs apparently have still not submitted a slate of nominees as son was told by senator's office that they wait until all the congressman have had their committee meetings and the last congressman had his today. They pool the names so there is no doubling up. He got his appointment with the ROTC nomination!!
Just_A_Mom and Antointette...Thank you, thank you! He is still flying high...sent his post card off...and about to begin the paperwork. Thanks for all the advice and encouraging words...not just to me but to "all of us".
I had a question about this. I emailed my det. commander about an rotc nomination for next year and he explained that it's a completely different process for rotc cadets applying to the academy. When I asked him about congressional/senatorial nominations, he said that they weren't necessary and that everything's done through the detachment. After reading some of these posts, does anyone know if an rotc cadet can apply for nominations through congressmen/senators? It seems like it would provide another opportunity for nomination if the ROTC one falls through.
USAFA hopeful, you can apply to all nominating sources just like a regular candidate who doesn't have the option of a ROTC nomination. So, apply to your Senators, Representative, and the Vice President (and the President if you meet the requirements for that one).
I hope that helps!
Very Respectfully,
Hey. Thanks for the help. Do you also happen to know if ROTC cadets complete the same online application as regular candidates?

USAFA hopeful,

Have you gone to and followed the application link to the application page?

The instructions on how to apply, the eligibility requirements and the Admissions contact info are accessible there.

There is also a link for information for enlisted or active duty candidates.

The graduation dates mentioned refer to high school.

Good luck with your application!
Antoinette, yes I've actually started my online application. But after I talked to my AFROTC det commander at UGA, he said everything was a different process for rotc cadets applying and that I didn't need to do it. I was just wondering if he was wrong about that. Thanks for the help though
Perhaps you could consider calling admissions directly. In our experience they have always been very helpful and now that 2012 is at AFA, this may be an ideal time to get hold of someone.