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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by MIDNMartin18, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Here is my situation as plainly as I can put it: I am currently involved in NROTC unit as a non-contracted student. However, do to some personal problems that I would rather not go into, as well as me transferring schools (this schools has a unit, too), I think it'd be in my best interest and really my only option to "DOR" and try and put my focus on schooling and family. I still want to be an officer, so I plan on applying for OCS. My question is that if me being in a commissioning source and dropping out going to seriously affect my acceptance into OCS?
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    I can't speak for any commissioning source, especially NROTC (I'm AD Army), but if it's on your own accord and not due to violating anything, they shouldn't.

    If/when you commission, you'll learn that before you can care for and take care of your sailors/soldiers/etc., you must have yourself squared away mentally and physically. If you're not at your best, you can't give your soldiers your best and they deserve nothing but that.

    Stepping away to get yourself back on track is not dishonorable or quitting, and I'd hope NROTC viewed it the same way. If commissioning and serving is truly what you desire, I bet you and the Navy will find a way to meet again.
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    There is a form that is filed out for every Cadet who is disenrolled. On it the Commander checks a block that says whether that person should be considered in the future for a commission. What you need to do is make sure you get a copy of that form and that your Commander understands why you are disenrolling, and that he hopefully checks a favorable box.

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