ROTC portal and DODMERB portal don't match

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by LLJ, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Upon receipt of the 3 yr ROTC scholarship, the ROTC box on the DODMERB portal changed very quickly to show DS needed a waiver. But on the ROTC site, the "Waiver needed" box is still blank. (maybe it says "none", I don't have the page up).

    Does this mean the waiver process is unnecessary, or not yet initiated? We have a friend whose condition was a DQ for USNA with waiver needed but not an issue for NROTC. I thought DODMERB Q'ed or DQ'ed and each division decided whether or not to waive.

    Im afraid that nothing has progressed with his waiver, as in they haven't even started the ball rolling. I'd love for it to mean he doesn't need one. How can I tell?
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    Not sure what the mismatch means, but the waivers are granted by the commissioning source (eg. NROTC or USNA) and not by DoDMERB. I could see where it's possible for, say, someone to be disqualified for Navy but be OK with Army or granted a waiver by Army. Color vision is something that comes to mind as a likely culprit in such an example (not that it has anything to do with your situation). I'd get hold of the cadre at the unit he plans to go to to see what light they can shed on this, or get some guidance on how to confirm where DS is at, one way or the other.
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    The waivers required within the portal refer to administrative tasks. Such as if the scholarship recipient needed a waiver for a past speeding ticket or other run in with the law.
    DoDMERB waivers are separate as the are medical rather than administrative.

    ~This is what was told to me. It is not concrete.~

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