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    So i was awarded the 4 year full scholarship, and im starting in about two months as a freshman (obviously), I get 600 dollars for books, and since I already know my classes and the book list I was hoping to buy my books now, any idea on how the army pays for my books? Should I just save receipts and ask for reimbursement later?
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    If the battalion HR person has not already sent you paperwork for direct deposit to your account, they may later this summer, if not it's something you will do as soon as you get there.

    You do not need to save receipts for your books, the Army just deposits $600.00 into your account each semester. Here is the important part, some battalions are real quick in getting you funds deposited, some not so quick.

    You will need to purchase your books on your own dime, the $600.00 may come quickly and it may not.

    Now for the real important part. You are a 4 year scholarship awardee, this means you will need to have ALL your paperwork including your 104R completed and approved, and you will need to pass your APFT. If you pass on the first try and you have your paperwork complete you will begin to get your stipend and you will get your book money, your tuition will also be paid.

    If you do not pass the APFT the first time you will have to wait until they give it again, No Book $$, No Stipend $$, and No Tuition until you pass. It can be a good month or two before you have the chance to take another APFT, so don't fail the first one. The stipend is not retroactive, you just lose it until you pass the APFT.

    In a nutshell....just go ahead and buy your books, you'll be waiting for the $600.00.

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