ROTC Scholarship Possibility to VMI/Citadel

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    Could I be offered a ROTC scholarship? Is it full-ride? How would I go about to get one? I and from Wisconsin and here’s what my high school resume looks like so far. I am currently a junior in high school and want to attend a military academy. I have been in both track and cross-country for three years and by senior year I plan to make it four, getting my varsity letters. This is also my second year for both Academic Decathlon and Future Business Leaders of America. I am part of my school's National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I am also part of my school's WWII research group and we will soon interview local WWII veterans. For volunteer work I have worked so far at helping at a retirement home and have helped paint a fence at a local cemetery. I also volunteer at a local VA on Sundays and also do community service with FBLA and my church; where I also am an usher at my church. My cumulative gpa is about a 3.7 and last quarter my gpa was 4.18 . My classes are Hon. Algebra II, Accounting, Leadership, Spanish IV, AP English, AP Econ, Strength and Fitness, and Chemistry this year. Finally, I plan to take the Army Reserve split option program next summer into next year. What would you advise me to be doing right now to help me get into VMI or the Citadel? I appreciate greatly any help you can give me. Thanks.
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    You sound like a strong candidate, you are planning ahead, and should do well.
    Don't put all your eggs in one basket, have a 1st and 2nd alternate plan.

    The single biggest thing you can do is study for the ACT/SAT,Several study guides out there. LINK
    Take both the ACT and SAT, plan on taking them more than once. some people do better on one than the other, most do better the second time.

    Get ready for your APFT LINK

    Carefully look over the interview sheet, see if there is any area you can improve upon. LINK
    Practice your interviewing skills with adults.
    Think about what questions will be asked, and how you will answer them.
    You need to be able to clearly state why you want to be an officer, and able to run down your resume without acting sheepish.

    If possible plan on a visit to you top schools your senior year.
    make an appointment well in advance with the PMS at each school.
    At many schools, you can request an overnight w/a cadet, run PT and shadow for a day - so you get the full flavor. It's well worth the trip.

    If your still looking for work :smile:
    Study the Army rank insignias so you know them by heart. LINK
    And do the same with the Branch insignias as well. LINK
    Think about which branches you like, read up on them, expect to talk about it in the interview
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    The first thing I would recommend you do is reconsider split ops. Do you plan to remain in the reserves or guard while at the Citadel or VMI? I'm not sure if that can be done. If you receive a scholarship offer you will have to leave the guard or reserves for at least one year, and will only be allowed to return to the guard or reserves if you convert your scholarship to a GRFD scholarship, and relinquish the opportunity to go active duty when you graduate.

    You need to start the application process early in the Summer, and I would recommend visiting an ROTC Battalion or two to get a better perspective on what you are getting yourself into with ROTC. I'm just guessing, but it looks like you may be getting a lot of advice from enlisted recruiters about your options (my assessment based on the split op). Talk to someone who is familiar with ROTC. Email an enrollment officer at VMI or the Citadel, or Norwich and ask them about your plan.
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    The Recruiting Officer at VMI is Maj Crider : email is
    He should be able to give you some thoughts on your plan . There are a fair number of Cadets who have come to VMI enlisted in Guard or Reserve Units and who in fact drill on the VMI post- there are also a lot of Cadets who subsequently have discovered that they are getting deployed with their Guard/Reserve units and will miss 1+ year of school as a result (at last count I believe that there have been over 100 Cadets who have deployed this way) so this plan has some serious consequences

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