ROTC Scholarships


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Sep 12, 2006
I was just wondering does anyone knoow what the requirements are if you want to get a ROTC scholarship while you are in College such as a 3 or 2 year scholarship...

I wasn't on last week b/c I was really sick out of school for 4 days etc..Oh and I saw a CG boat on the Cape Cod cannal today. They waved to me b/c I had my USCGA jacket on.
Glad to see you back on Lesya! I was wondering where you were. Not sure about your question. I believe you apply after your first year. Maybe some others have the answer.:confused:
For the 2-3 year college based scholarships, you participate with the ROTC unit as a non-scholarship participant and the ROTC unit puts you in for the college based scholarship depending on your participation. It is completely up to the unit to put you in for the scholarship, and once you have been accepted for the scholarship you need to go through the DoDMERB physical process. Once DoDMERB is completed you are able to be contracted to receive the scholarship.

This is a brief overview of the information that I am aware of from my time at DoDMERB.
So things such as ACT and SAT scores don't cout? I would think my college grades would be a factor and my leadership potential would be one too...

Thanks Boss!
This was a brief overview, as my contacts with ROTC detachments were mainly of a medical nature, and consisted of the detachments begging me to medically qualify someone so they could contract immediately. I don't have all the ins and outs of exactly what they look for, so I've given you all the information that I have. For more information I'd contact an ROTC detachment and see what they say.
Say you are turned down for the 4yr scholarship and had already taken and been qualified by DODMERB, do you have to retake the medical exams for a 3yr or 2yr application?
As long as your physical exam is not over 2 years old (from the date on the exam) you do not need a new physical exam.
Army offers 4-year, 3 year and 2 year scholarships. You need SAT's for the 4 year and 3 year scholarship. 2-year scholarships are dependent only on your college gpa.
Navy offers 4 year and 2 year scholarships. You probably don't need SAT's for the 2 year scholarship since you will have had 2 years (or more) of college already and it would be dependent on your college gpa.

Remember - you don't need a scholarship to join ROTC. Any college student can join for the first two years before there is an obligation. Of course once you accept any scholarship you incur an obligation.

Hope this helps!
Mass Maritime is not a NROTC school. Maine, SUNY, Cali and Great Lakes are. If your grades are good enough at Mass you could go for the Emory Rice Schlorship.