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    Hey guys,

    As you might suspect I was declined a appointment to the Air Force Academy last Spring. Graciously however I was able to accept a Type 7 rotc scholarship at Penn State. In the beginning I thought that I would not like it however that was wrong the wrong train of thought. The military was something that was an unknown lifestyle to me in high school. However after experiencing what I have so far in ROTC I am definitely here to stay.

    Something still nags me however. I gave up a lot when I had to come here instead of attending the academy, including sports. Penn States varsity team was a little out of reach for me then the academies varsity team. I want to be able to have every opportunity available to me, however it seems though in ROTC every program they had has been shut down or is now just offered to academy cadets. In reality all ROTC has left is Project GO. This along with a passion to attend the academy made me continue in my reapplication. Going back to the beginning of my post, while yes I love being an ROTC cadet sometimes I still yearn for a more of a leadership based environment. Something that is 24/7. Something that can really teach me and develop me into the best leader and officer that I can possibly be.

    My question is how does the academy view ROTC cadets applying for an appointment?
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    The SA's welcome ROTC cadets. Last year DS's friend from his AROTC unit reapplied to WP and was accepted. I think switching from ROTC to ad SA after the first year is a pretty common event. Good luck.
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    It is very common. The beauty also for ROTC candidates is they get one more nomination for the SAs to use to get them in.
    ~ ROTC is allowed 20 cadets to be charged.

    At our DSs detachment he had one every year get picked up.
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    It's certainly possible to get.

    Just realize you will be one more year out from commissioning, as you'll start as "just another 4 dig." (Although you may be able to validate more classes and get some more choices for classes.)
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    i went to college for 1 year as a rotc guy before usafa. Best thing i did. got to experience a civilian college and probably matured a bit. you see more and more of this since it's so competitive. Do it!
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    I'm actually working on the same process now. If you haven't already, talk to your AS100 instructor ASAP to get the detachment nomination process started, as it eventually has to go through the university president.

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