rotc waiver question


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Mar 6, 2007
After checking on dodmerb, my status now is that my request for an asthma waiver was denied for NROTC (my usna status btw is still pending review). This was somewhat of a shock for me because I received my 4 yr scholarship nomination in early December, meaning that I must have been pretty highly competitive in the regional pool. I was fairly sure that I would get a waiver because of this...
But anyway my question is, are the waiver decisions absolutely final, or is there something I can do do appeal the decision? I am questioning because I had sent out a letter to the Naval Service Training Command the day before the decision was posted, which contained an updated resume since my application in October. Since then I had received my first Varsity letter in soccer, and participated in winter track and plan on spring track. My original app only said that I was a member of the Varsity soccer team and had played junior varsity/freshman soccer the previous 3 years, no other sports. I think the update may have been significant if I had sent it out earlier because it is a more accurate representation of my athletic ability/competency with asthma. I am wondering if maybe I should give somebody a call and follow up on the letter, maybe asking if it would have had any impact on the decision??

Also, I was wondering if USNA would be more or less strict on the asthma waiver than NROTC, in general??

Thanks, this is kind of a lot.
A wavier denial does not have to be the final status for your file. The USNA and NROTC wavier authorities are the same people, the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), so most likely since you have been wavier denied for NROTC you will be found wavier denied for USNA, but that isn't a hard and fast rule.

You can submit a letter to DoDMERB requesting that BUMED take another look at your file. I would include a personal statement regarding the asthma. In your own words I would explain when you were diagnosed with asthma, the medications you took, if you still take medications, what activities you currently participate in and how, if at all, the asthma affects those activities. If you have any additional information from your physicians I would forward that as well.

I have seen wavier denials overturned in the past, but just know that it is not that frequent.