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Oct 31, 2008
Has anyone else had a problem accessing the Army ROTC Scholarship Application Status System? This is the message I get once I entered SS# and birthdate: We apologize, we are experiencing some technical problems. Please call 1-800-750-7682, press option 5, then press option 2 and you will be connected to a processor who can assist you.
I tried calling this number and it said the voicemail box is full. Then I tried another number that was given in the scholarship packet and it said, "this number has not been specified." This is frustrating since we have some questions to ask before the Jan 3 deadline of accepting a scholarship.
Any ideas on how to reach someone there? Are they closed until next week?
Yep, get the same message. It's been like that for at least a week now. Wouldn't be surprised if they were on break until next week. . .