Royal Lao Airborne School

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    Yesterday it was announced that due to budget cuts, we only get 9 school slots this year (includes Airborne, Air Assault, and Mountain Warfare). I'm not as furious as most are because of this, as I'm more concerned with getting a 4.0 this semester than continuing to wake up at 5 am 5 days a week for an hour+ long smoke session, but several folks are pretty pissed about this.
    Now, to the point, the Royal Lao Airborne school as been popular among Naval and Air Force cadets for a while. It's fairly easy to get into, just expensive. Has anyone heard of this organization before? Alot of folks question its legitimacy but it's definitely getting alot of cadet money starting now. For those who don't know, it's a jump school operated in Anderson, SC supposedly by the exiled Royal Laotian military. Is it legit? Worth the $650+ dollars? Anyone familiar with this?

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