Run Time Stuck?


Feb 22, 2017
I've got my mile run time down to about 6:20-6:30 and have been stuck there for a few weeks. I have around 6 weeks left to train before taking the pt test for AROTC scholarship. Anyone have any tips/routines for improving my mile time?
6 weeks isn't very long if you've been training consistently for awhile, but if you don't run that much there's still probably room for improvement even in such a short time. It really depends on what you've been doing the last few months. If you've been running two or three times a week and/or less than 15 miles total, the best thing to do is probably just to get out and run more, at least 5 days a week. If you've been running consistently 5 days or more per week and getting 20-30 miles, try some interval training if you haven't already. Do something like 6-8x400m at your goal mile pace (so 95 for a 6:00) with 90sec-2min rest 2-3 times per week with easy runs on the days in between. These workouts should get shorter and faster as the day of your PT test approaches (this is how track runners work up to a peak at the end of a season). Google "miler workouts" and you might find some good ones.

Also you might wanna check out Someone on there would probably have better advice than me, just beware of the trolls;). Good luck!
Whenever I hit plateaus with my runs I always mix things up. Start doing more interval training, doing sprints and inclines. I will often sneak in some spin classes a few times a week and I will start making progress again. Of course I am a 40 year old mom but maybe that will work for you. Persistence, stick with it and progress will come.