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    If your DS or DD is planning on CIVIL engineering I really recommend the SAME camp at AFA. My Daughter received a slot this year and had the time of her life. They built all sorts of stuff and she got to meet and work with the Colonel who actually runs the Civil program which she wants as a major. She has a very clear direction of what she wants to do, she hopes it will be at AFA, but she is applying (Has applied) at USNA and Coast Guard, plus the ROTC programs.
    As a parent nothing makes you feel better knowing you kid sees her direction, I wish I was as lucky when I was her age. So for 2014 check out SAME, its great!

    I have no clue how to use this on an application or if it bears any weight in the admissions process, but it was a great experience and I know she is now very driven to attend afa in 2014.

    As we pulled away July 5th from the Fairfield Inn across from AFA the sun was lighting up the Chapel in the distance and it was slightly raining. It was only for a few seconds as we drove East, but it was clear and very bright. As my DD is very religious, she drew our attention to the sight and said, "I think someone is telling me I am going to be back next year". Lets pray so.

    Thanks to those who do the SAME camp.
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    The SAME camp is a GREAT opportunity. My son did this last year and really enjoyed it. It isn't just for civil, it can be for anyone interested in Engineering. He made many friends who got into USAFA and some that are coming with the class of 2017. It is a good chance to find out more about USAFA much like the summer seminar but more relaxed.
    Your daughter likely met my son as he and some of his SAME alums went out to speak to the SAME campers about what it was like to be at USAFA!
    Hope she gets into USAFA, it's a great opportunity.
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    If she really wants civil engineering, she should also consider west point. When it comes to civil engineering, in my opinion they are the best. Not just for the education but also as a career.

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