SAT, ACT, or Both?


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Sep 17, 2017
Hello everyone, I am currently a junior registering for the SAT/ACT, and I have some questions. I will be starting my application to USAFA next March and just wanted some clarification and advice before then. Any help is appreciated :)

1) Are there any benefits or downfalls to taking both the SAT and the ACT?

2) If I take both, should I take them both multiple times each, or focus on taking one of them multiple times?

3) Will these scores be super scored, or is the best score taken from only one test date?

4) Do they require you to send all of your test scores or can you chose which ones you send?

Thanks again in advance!
Take both. Take the prep class for at least one of them.
Send all your scores--unless you get an early one that is terrible on all sides--like in Oct or Jan of your junior year. The academies receive a large quantity of applications--so going up in one area and down in antoher does not particularly matter, what matters is your super score.

So, take both tests early, see how you do, and then take a prep and take it again at least once.

The academies do not require you to send all of your test scores.
Everything is superscored; no downside to sending scores or taking both.
You can put the academy code on the test when you take it and have scores sent directly for free [same for any school; you get 3 or 4 free every test.]

As a practical note unless you really need to pull up a score I think 2 each is sufficient; later Jr. year usually does better due to cumulative effect of class learning and prior test experience. Last call is early fall of Sr. year but retention can suffer unless you prep and study all summer.
Question #1, 2 Usually one does better on one test or the another. Once you figure which one, study, practice & take that test repeatedly ad nausum.
# 3 USAFA superscores.
#4 You can send any/all the scores that you wish.

Reach out to the Admissions office, they are stacked with bright-eyed 2nd Lts. who are happy to help!:)