SAT/ACT Scores


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Jul 30, 2020

I am a rising senior and have a 1530 SAT and a 36 ACT.
Should I send both of my scores, or should I just send my ACT score?

Thank you.
It couldn't hurt to send both, but I'm pretty sure they only take the best possible score. In your case I think it would just be the ACT, and since you maxed out on it you really shouldn't have anything to worry about as long as the rest of your file is competitive (strong extracurricular activities, athletics, and no disqualifying medical problems).
Send both. Admissions will choose the score that gives you the most WCS points. Highly unlikely that the SAT score will produce more points, but since both scores are excellent, there is no downside.

According to the ACT/SAT Concordance on, a 36 ACT converts to a 1590 SAT with a range of 1570 - 1600. It would appear that a 36 ACT would be better, but since it is unknown exactly how the WCS score is calculated, you insure against any unknown quirks in the system by submitting both scores.
Send both, it would show that you are very strong in academics which is a big part of the WCS. My son had a score of 1540 in SAT and 36 in ACT , received an LOA in his application last year and is now part of USMA class 2024