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Aug 1, 2006
If I were to take the ACT February 9, 2008 of my Junior year, and the SAT around the same time, would I have college board/ the ACT company report the scores to USNA? Or would I need to wait till a later date to have them reported. Thanks for all the help.
That would be perfect. You may have the scores reported anytime you take the tests.
Thanks for the help just_a_mom. I really appreciate it.
No problem, we are here to help. :smile: Just let us know if you have any other questions.
Do you work on getting your nomination before starting the application process? If so, when would be the optimal time to start working on nominations? When does the start of applications for the class of 2013 (entering summer 2009) begin, the website still has the entering 2008 dates up (I am probably really early)? Thanks again for the help.
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Wow! Yep you are really early. You won't apply for nominations until next summer/fall.
If you are a high school Junior - you should consider NASS next summer. That application will be up next winter.

For now, concentrate on your studies, athletic activities and leadership activities. All of these will be used to build your complete package next summer/fall when you apply.
Just_A_Mom is right (as usual). You're one year behind me. What I have to say is apply for NASS, it's awesome. But for now, focus on getting the right extra-curriculars, sports teams, and academic load. Remember not to overstrech yourself though.