SAT scores for an international student


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Nov 25, 2007
im an Alevel(grade 12 equivalent) student studying in dubai,
im quite interested in applying to the academy and im just wondering, are my SAT scores of 2130 competitive enough for admission?
and does taking SAT 2's help in the admissions process, because im also planning to take them.
Sat II will not be required. You will need Math scores above 600, and closer to 650. English should also be above 600. Not really sure what the written score will require as they only added it this year, but believe 600 is probably a good guess. So judging by a score over 2000 I think you probably are in good shape. If English is a second language they may consider that wit your score. We know a Russian who is applying (he has lived in the US most of his life). He has had a lot of trouble getting above 600 on the verbal, but he is expected to be offered an appointment in a couple of weeks. We will be surprised if he isn't. Sad part he has been offered Navy and will probably go white.
I concur with what DS said, but I would add onto the fact that it is probably best to contact your nom/appt. source, because I believe you first have to get your country to submit your name. I would think you would still need the same SAT scores to be a viable appt., but notice the AFA says normally you need the 570 Verbal, you might be the situation that they look past that since you would be an international student. Also realize that the international students are from everywhere so you might be competing against every applicant from around the world. I would google the class profile for the AFA, I know it states where the internnational incoming class are from, this might help you in getting a "bigger picture"
Basically, international students must meet the same admissions requirements as all regular candidates. The most notable exception is your nomination must come from your own country.

  • If you are not a citizen of the United States and you are interested in applying for entry to the U.S. Air Force Academy, you must first apply, in writing, to the Ministry of Defense of your country.

  • Do not apply directly to the Air Force Academy or other United States government officials. If you are an international student from a country invited by the Department of Defense, you may request a nomination to the Academy through an appropriate official of your own government.
Applying from abroad

Your application letter or request should contain information about your background and your potential for success at the Academy – and should be made at least a year prior to the date of admission. Your nomination should be received by the Academy by December 31.

If you are nominated by your country, the United States Defense Attaché, or the Attaché Office of the American Embassy in your country, will help you get and complete the proper forms and forward them to the Academy.


  • If selected to attend the Academy, you must be able to read, write and speak English proficiently. English language instruction will be provided during the first semester of your fourth-class year.

  • If you are judged unable to benefit from the academic courses, become deficient in conduct or aptitude, or commit an offense for which a United States cadet would be dismissed, the Department of the Air Force will be requested to disenroll you from the Academy.

  • Every student who meets the established academic requirements will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree. Students who do not meet the degree requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

  • International students who graduate from the Academy receive a Bachelor of Science degree; however, they are not commissioned in the United States Air Force. The maximum number of international students at the Academy at any one time is 60.
US Air Force Academy Admissions - International Students

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