SAT scores


West Point Candidate C/o 2026
Jul 8, 2020
I recently got a 1330 SAT score. I also have a 4.43 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted), 10 AP classes and am 20/660 students.

I was wondering if these stats were competitive enough for WP and if I should keep spending time on improving my SAT score (I’ve been trying to work on my CFA scores instead)
Never stop improving. If you can score 1330 SAT, you can score at least 1350. Make sure your class rank is reported because top 3% is very impressive. Good luck!
My DD has a 1540 SAT and 17 writing, which is required for WP application. She is trying to take the test again to boost writing. If you have time to study and can take the test again, definitely try. Many top schools that DD is looking at the average #tests taken is 5. Also, WP highly recommends taking the ACT with writing in addition to the SAT.