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    Travel preferences for incoming new cadets going to R-day (West Point)

    Hello, I have been appointed to the USMA class of 2027 and am incredibly glad to say I have accepted the offer. I was wondering if I should take the accommodated flight and hotel offered by West Point, or if I should fly with my family and let them say their goodbyes on R-day. I would love to...
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    Did I make a mistake? (Dodmerb)

    Hello, I currently have my LOA to USMA and am waiting on medical results. However, the only thing that is bugging me is the fact that I said yes to having braces because although I do not have braces anymore, I feel as though my answer could be misconstrued as me currently having braces...
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    Looking for info on life as an officer as a Cyber, Military Intelligence, or Signal MOS.

    Hello, I was recently accepted into West Point and I'm primarily interested in cyber, but I'm also considering signal corps and military intelligence as backup options. I'd love to hear any information on what that life would look like after being commissioned. Daily activities, leadership...
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    How important are learning rates?

    Former service academy grads, how important are memorizing your rates during PS? How often are you questioned, how are you questioned, and what does the punishment look like for not knowing them? Any other knowledge regarding rates would be great!
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    LOA.. Now what?

    Hello, I received a LOA in the mail a couple weeks back for West Point. After my CFA video is received, assuming it passes, what is next? As long as I do good in school, don’t do anything stupid, and remain in qualified medical state, will I get a letter of appointment? Do all LOAs end up with...
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    CFA Score

    Hello, I am wondering if y’all think I will pass my CFA with these scores. I understand it is impossible to know, but I received a LOA to West Point and the last thing I am waiting on is a pass or fail for my CFA. Based on general knowledge of what scores pass, do I have any reason to worry? My...
  7. K

    Question on chances and decision dates.

    Good Morning, I live in New York, and I was told a week ago that I will be receiving a nomination from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to West Point. This being said, I have a few questions. 1) Is there any advantage to receiving a senatorial nomination over a congressional one? 2) I know West...
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    will these cfa numbers pass?

    Hello, I am a recruited athlete and just got my LOA, however , I'm worried about my cfa numbers. Would these pass? BB throw: 38 ft flex arm hang- 15 sec push up- 50 (max) sit up- 50 shuttle run- 10.5 mile- 7:45
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    Help for current applicants

    Good Morning! I received an appointment offer(and accepted) from West Point roughly a month and a half ago. Applying for West Point was time consuming, confusing, and intimidating. I relied on the assistance of my Field Force Representative, Mr.Mullen, and the people from this forum to go...
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    Admit kit form

    Good morning! During todays schoolday, I checked my West Point portal to see a new Admit kit form and instructions for appointments. The congressman hasnt called me because I did not own a phone while I was applying for the nomination(so he doesn't have my phone number). Does this mean I have...
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    The long wait... (Just a vent post)

    I have just received my medical waiver for West Point after waiting patiently for roughly 2.5 months. Now that I am 3q'd, all I have to do is wait for a response until May. Waiting feels more nerve-racking than being in an interview. Although I am a bit late to the race, I hope there's still a...
  12. Ohio2004


    Hello, my name is Peyton Warner. I received my appointment for USMA on the 8th of January this year. My interest in the academies started during my sophomore year of high school. I don't recall the exact conversation, but it was during one dinner night when my parents were having that...
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    One time Marijuana/Alcohol Use Security Clearance

    So I've experimented with marijuana once and drank a couple of beers. I don't recall if I disclosed this on my dodmerb form and am going to disclose it for my security clearance. Can I have it disclosed now for dodmerb without penalty?
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    Appointment Revoked for bad second quarter college grades?

    I received my appointment at West Point midway through my second college quarter and started slacking a bit. Currently in my chem class, I have a B- and a C in my german class. Will I get my appointment revoked?
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    Allergy Shots while at West Point??

    So I've been receiving allergy shots for pollen/cat/ certain tree allergies for the last couple of months. I started receiving them after my DODMERB physical and none of the allergies were flagged as any concern. I just disclosed the allergy shots to west point. I'm currently receiving them...
  16. Y

    West Point appointment chances

    Good afternoon! I am currently a senior applying for West Point who is 2Q'd; I am awaiting my waiver to be a fully qualified candidate. I have done all my AMI's so all I have to do is sit and wait patiently for a waiver or appointment. I was just wondering how my appointment chances are effected...
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    What are the best authorized boots to buy for Beast?

    What are the best authorized boots to buy for Beast?
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    Medical DQ

    I received a medical DQ for the following codes after submitting my information on my sinus surgery. The surgery removed the nasal polyps and I don't have chronic sinusitis anymore. It says under waiver review. I was just wondering what the likelihood of getting a waiver is. D124.00...
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    Forgot to tell DODMERB about surgeries.... now accepted to West Point

    I did not tell DODMERB I had surgery to get my deviated septum fixed and wisdom teeth removed. I just received an appointment to West Point should I inform DODMERB about this now? Or is this not a big deal?
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    What to bring to R-Day?

    What to bring to R-Day?