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    Ok sorry to bother everybody but I have one last legitimate question. After this I'll be done with the forums for most of the year.

    Any who, I it my schedule for my junior year today an well I'm at a standstill. My classes go a little something like this

    Honors chemistry
    Sat prep
    Advanced math. (Pre calculus)
    And JROTC

    Granted I'll be switching to ap chemistry and hopefully throwing sat prep out the window for ap government? I still need a foreign language. I have already done JROTC for two years and love the program., And well I don't want to replace it completely so could I just take a foreign language next semester after math and keep both semesters of JROTC? If I do this id take two more classes of a foreign language my senior year. Would that be a problem at all since I'm waiting till my final year to finish my orient language studies? Or should I just flat out drop JROTC and do two semesters of language? Because from what I understand, wouldn't it be a really good idea to keep my ROTC program since it does help with leadership building?

    Please help and thanks for your time!
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    You need to have two full years, or 4 semesters, of a foreign language. If you can keep JROTC, take one semester of language this year, one semester over the summer, then one full year next year then that would likely be the best route for you. If you cannot take a summer class, then you need to drop JROTC. I think two full years is a requirement for admission, but I may be wrong. At the very least, it's strongly encouraged.
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    From USAFA Admissions (the academy admissions website):

    "These suggested courses cover all four years of high school and will give you a very solid academic record. Remember, these are only our suggestions..."
    • Two years of a foreign language (note that all cadets at the Academy must take one of the following languages): Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
    Two years of language is "recommended" but is not "required" for admission eligibility.

    USAFA '83

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