Scholarship OML


Dec 20, 2017
Hey guys- I was wondering for reference what the order of merit list for different sections of the AROTC scholarship count for.

Of course, there is PT, activities, academics, ACT scores, essays, and the interview.

I am strong in every area, but for PT I ran my worst mile ever (8:40, though on the scale equates to a B+), 54 sit-ups (not great), but a maxing-out score of 55 pushups. I believe I've maxed out every other area as much as I could have, with a 28 ACT (30 superscore), 3.8 GPA unweighted (including AP classes), sports, hella extra-curriculars and leadership, etc. It was also implied by the PMS that I had maxed my interview.

What I am essentially asking is if my PT scores count for a huge portion of the application and will overpower everything else. I want to make the second board which is January 7th, and my application is board ready. I'm not sure how much my PT scores will improve in such a short time- but would I be able to improve upon and send those as well, considering how people can do that with their standardized test scores?

So, two questions haha. Thank you in advance!

This might help. You may think you are strong in those areas, and you might think the PMS maxed you out, but you may never know, so don’t assume. You’ll never know how you did on your CBEF. You’ll never know how the board scores your file. PFT score counts the least, so don’t worry about that did fine. Remember that any improvements you make after you are boarded will only “move the needle” a little bit. Your PMS interview score and board score won’t change. Your CBEF score won’t change.

Don’t think this process too hard, and make sure you have a plan B if you want to be an Army Officer.