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Oct 25, 2008
If I get an appointment to the academy, should I still apply for and accept scholarships? Will I need any of my own money or will I be able to afford everything with what I earn? I don't want to take money away from others who need it more, but I want to make sure I'm covered in case I have an accident that prevents me from attending the academy (knock on wood)

This has come up already on this forum and on CC as well. Most say save the scholarships that your local supporters and high school offers for other students who need to pay for college. If you have a ROTC scholarship, most say you should hang on to it just in case you get hurt.
college confidential another forums page, except with civilian schools as well
ROTC Scholarships

My boys received full tuition ROTC scholarships to several school and all of them required the boys to decline the ROTC immediately upon acceptance of the appointment. I recall having to overnight mail one son's NROTC to Notre Dame! Still, he was thrilled to be going to USAFA. I believe the drop-dead date on that was also May 1st (to accept or reject the scholarship), but in bold print was the admonition to notify them immediately should one select a service academy.
definately apply for ROTC. the deadline is fast approaching.

10 JAN-AROTC deadline
10 JAN-AFROTC deadline
31 JAN-NROTC deadline

i think...i know the NROTC is right.