Nov 5, 2017
If you are attending any federal service academy, are you still allowed to apply for scholarships and use the money for expenses that come up (ex: traveling home for breaks) instead of tuition? If anyone could explain the complete process I would appreciate it very much :)
It depends upon the stipulations of the individual scholarship.Some scholarships will allow you to use them when entering an SA while others will not.
Yes. DS received multiple. Only 1 needed to be given directly to the institution. That money goes directly to their CG account.
Yes. As long as the scholarship can be applied to books and uniforms, you are fine. I got a scholarship that was eventually used to pay for an engagement ring for my wife.
Our daughter received a National Merit corporate scholarship around $3500 and it stipulated that it could not be used for those accepting appointments at US service academies. We were bummed- could have used the $ for books/equipment.