1. J

    Graduate School (Clinical Psych, PsyD) - Tuition Assistance

    Hi everyone, I am currently an Army NG SMP cadet and junior in college and will be applying to graduate programs for clinical psychology this summer into fall 2020. A big factor of where I end up will be based on the funding I receive for the program. How does tuition assistance work for...
  2. B

    Tuition 2019-2020 Not paid by Army yet

    My daughter is a 4-year national scholarship winner. Due to the budget delays, she did not start receiving her stipend until January. It is nearly then end of February and the army has not paid her tuition for the first or second semester yet. Apparently, this is also the case for all of the...
  3. BreacherUp2020

    AROTC Scholarship Second Board?

    I have been reading through several forums and see that some will not be awarded until February 1st but have also seen that many people have been awarded scholarships since this past Thursday. I was boarded on the first board but did not receive an offer from it. I am a Varsity Football player...
  4. I

    DD form 1966

    Greetings, This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure the proper protocol per se, but I've been a browser for months trying to find answers to all of my questions. I finally have a stumper. I was offered admittance and full 4 year scholarship in the ECP, or early commissioning program...
  5. S

    ROTC scholarship dropped for grades - considering enlistment

    My son is a sophomore at Norwich University on a 4 year ROTC scholarship. The first year went very well, however, he struggled with grades in his first semester of Sophomore year. So much so, that he fell below the required GPA and received a letter indicating that his semester would not be...
  6. M

    Army ROTC Scholarship Advice

    Hello there! I’m a junior in high school and I want to pursue an Army ROTC scholarship my senior year. I’d like some advice on where I can boost my chances of getting a scholarship. Thank you in advance! Stats: - 27 ACT (I plan on taking in 1-2 times to boost the super score) - 4.25 GPA...
  7. J

    Minuteman Scholarship & GI Bill Kicker

    Hi Everyone, I am an SMP CDT in the Army NG, and am receiving the minuteman scholarship for 2 years. I have only gone to ROTC Basic Camp, and not BCT or AIT. Am I eligible to receive the GI Bill kicker? Thank You.
  8. L

    I'm a little concerned

    Ok, so the first review board didn't give me an offer and told me to wait till the next review board to receive an offer. I'm concerned this means I'm not going to get any offers at all which would really suck cause I've already been accepted to my dream school (Which is VMI). I wouldn't be able...
  9. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    Hi all, I was looking at which majors the Air Force considers "technical" (and thus, priority will be given to them as far as AFROTC high school scholarships go). I noticed that there are honestly not many degrees it has listed, in my opinion. My question is, given these majors...
  10. ThePilot18

    Civilian Internships While in AFROTC?

    Hi, As many of you know, lots of engineering majors require you to complete a civilian internship as part of the course. My question is, can I do both AFROTC (possibly on scholarship) and an internship in my junior year of college? (For example, a degree in Manufacturing Engineering requires a...
  11. M

    Minuteman Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship - 4- and 3- year

    I serve as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) and one of the coolest parts of the volunteer role is that I get to an allotment of Minuteman scholarships. These scholarships are similar to the 4- and 3-year national scholarships except they require a commission in the Guard or...
  12. L

    Navy Nurse Corps

    Hi! Have any 2020 applicants heard back yet on their applications?
  13. S

    What are my chances at receiving an AROTC scholarship?

    I know this has probably been asked a million times but I am eager to know what my chances are a receiving a scholarship. The army has been my dream for as long as I can remember and I am going to be first generation military in my family. Aside from reading what others have said online I...
  14. M

    Chances at AROTC and AFROTC Scholarships

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading a lot of the previous posts and thought I would start my own. Any replies, advice, and/or constructive criticism would be much appreciate. I have just completed the AROTC application and interview this coming week, I also plan on...
  15. L

    Chances at AROTC or AFROTC scholarship, and advice?

    SAT: 1390 (720 Reading, 670 Math) GPA: 3.93 unweighted AP Classes: By Junior year: 3 AP classes. If senior year counts (I don't think it does?) then make it 5 AP and 2 dual enrollment classes Leadership/Extracurricular: Pretty much nothing. This has been a major source of stress for me. My...
  16. 2

    AFROTC Scholarship and AFJROTC Cert. of Completion

    My AFJROTC SASI told me that because I will be in JROTC for 3 years by the time I graduate, I will be awarded an AFJROTC Certificate of Completion. This apparently validates two semesters of AS in ROTC. If I receive a 4-yr AFROTC scholarship, will I still be allowed to validate the two semesters...
  17. T

    NROTC Question

    Hi, I am currently a senior applying for the NROTC scholarship but have a few questions. I understand that we are supposed to list 5 of the schools that you want the scholarship to in the application. Knowing that I have to apply to all five of the schools, my question is what happens if I get...
  18. H

    AROTC Scholarship Chances

    I know it's the time of year when there are a decent amount of these, but I just want a second (or third or fourth) opinion on how likely I am to get a scholarship. I'm a girl Going into Pre-med 9-12 GPA: 3.8 SAT: 1260 (640 Writting/ grammar, 620 math) Letters: Marching Band/Color Guard...
  19. C

    National Scholarship Winner

    I won a 4-year national scholarship out of high school. I am now an MSIII. Does this guarantee that I'll get active duty if I put in for it? My PMS said he never heard of a 4 year winner not getting active.
  20. M

    National Guard and ROTC

    Sorry if these questions seem silly, but our family is new to the military world and some of the information we’ve received has been confusing and at times conflicting, so I was hoping the forum could help simplify the info and break it down into terms I understand. :) My son is currently a...