1. T

    Advanced Standing-College Programmer 4/C

    Hello everyone, I'm a 4/C Midshipman at Generic State University in the Midwest. For some context, I joined because I really want to earn a commission, and am passionate about the Navy. I grew up building model battleships and have always wanted to join. I wasn't selected for the four year...
  2. JohnMcLane

    NROTC Marine Option MO Board Results 2022-23

    My kid went through the 14-18 NOV 2022 board for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship (Region 6 if that is relevant?). I would love to hear when anyone gets results from this board and how they got them or if you have insight into when results will be released. This first board is the toughest...
  3. B

    ROTC Board Selection - Make a Difference?

    Hi, I am just starting my application for ROTC scholarship. (ARMY) I understand there are three different deadlines (Board Selections), and that the first one is October 7th. I actually don't know if I'm able to complete my entire app/interview before that, but I might be able too. I heard that...
  4. N

    Is the AFROTC HSSP Commander's Leadership Scholarship still a thing?

    With the new cutback on HSSP scholarships in favor of ICSP scholarships, there are very few HSSP scholarships compared to what it used to be. I've heard numbers as low as only 500 HSSP scholarships for next year. If this is true and if we assume each Commander at each of the 145 detachments has...
  5. S

    Naval Rotc commitment and withdrawal bottomline

    Where can I get the spelled-out official govt documents and info on the commitment for a Naval ROTC scholarship and penalty obligations if student withdraws? Desperate. Thanks
  6. J

    AROTC scholarship application denied for 15+ college credit hours

    Hi all, My rotc scholarship application was immediately denied after I put that I’ll have 60credit hours (a full AA). The senior instructor at my local college who I was talking with is currently unreachable but he told me there are 4, 3 and 2 year scholarships and that I am only required to do...
  7. serapis

    ROTC Non-Selects Hub

    Good Morning All, I am starting this forum as a place for ROTC non-selects to declare perceived weaknesses in their application file so that future applicants may avoid similar mistakes. Feedback from ROTC Midshipman and Officers would also be appreciated. For context, I was a 2/22 NROTC...
  8. C

    Chronically Depressed

    I am a 3/C MIDN in Navy ROTC. I have wanted to serve in the military my whole life. I got a full-ride 4-year national scholarship and I am incredibly grateful for everything that I have. That being said, I've been talking with a counselor and she suggests that I am chronically depressed. This...
  9. A

    Upcoming AFROTC High School Scholarship Webinar

    Hi! I am one of the current Gold Bar Recruiters for Air Force ROTC. Next Tuesday, at 6:00 PM eastern, I will be teaming up with the U.S. Air Force Academy and other Air Force and Space Force programs to host a webinar on scholarship and career opportunities available in the US Air Force and...
  10. A

    Electrical Engineering major under EE scholarship looking for guidance...

    Hello Everyone! So I have recently secured a type 1 electrical engineering specific scholarship. Under this scholarship, I am locked into Electrical engineering being my AFSC once I commission, but I have some questions on what the life of an EE officer in the AF is like. Specifically: 1. Do...
  11. C

    Transfer of 3 Year National Scholarship from 2nd Brigade to 5th Brigade

    So I just recently finished my freshman year/MS1 year at Syracuse University and have decided that the school and program are not for me. I've made the decision to transfer from Syracuse to the University of Utah along with my 3 Year AROTC National Scholarship. I have already discussed the...
  12. HowBoutThemApples

    Won NROTC 4 year... need advice

    Hey everyone, pumped to say that I just won the NROTC national scholarship, but there's a little uncertainty with my situation. I got accepted into University of Rochester and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but waitlisted at my dream school, University of Virginia. Can I use the NROTC...
  13. J

    Depression & Dropping

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could give me any insight to what's going on. I am a MIDN 1/C that was recently diagnosed (Dec 2020) with Major Depression with Suicidal Ideations after being admitted to the ER. My command has been informed of this and were in fact the ones who advised me that I...
  14. V

    No decision

    So my friend just received the scholarship, we both turned our scholarships in around the same time. Is it possible that I might not receive a 4 year, or should I just wait it out?
  15. C

    NROTC Scholarship Chances???

    Hi everyone, bear with me, it's my first time here. I'm currently a high school junior, and I'm considering applying for the NROTC scholarship next year. (I'm also a girl and a minority, don't know if that would help or hurt, so let me know). I was also considering applying to USNA, but then I...
  16. K

    Applying to ROTC in Freshman Year

    I'm currently a freshman in college and I'm considering joining either AROTC or AFROTC with a scholarship, but I'm wondering about the likelihood of getting in, things I should be aware of, as well as any differences between ROTC and service academies aside from the setting at typical colleges...
  17. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Type 7

    I was just notified that I was extended a scholarship offer, non-technical major, Type 7. I can hardly contain myself. :) The hard work paid off. I'm excited to serve in the world's greatest Air Force. Thank you to all those at Service Academy Forums who helped me to get where I am today.
  18. S

    Transferring to NROTC School from CC possible?

    Hello everyone, I am currently enrolled for the Fall Semester 2020 at my local community college and was wondering if it was possible/if anyone has gone to ROTC after one semester or year from community college. My main concern is that transferring to an NROTC school even if I got the...
  19. M

    West Point Admissions Chances

    Hello there! I’m going into my senior year of high school and I want to pursue either a West Point Appointment, A Naval Academy Appointment, or an Army ROTC scholarship during the upcoming months. I’d like some advice on where I can boost my chances of getting an appointment and/or a...
  20. ThePilot18

    AFROTC HSSP Highly Desired Majors... Why?

    It's common knowledge that AFROTC scholarships are usually awarded to people taking "technical majors" ( I assume this means Big Blue has a shortage of people with those degrees, but what I'd like to know is this: if somebody is looking to...