Scholarshop Upgrade


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Feb 11, 2017
Received this email on the 4th, too good to be true lol...can anyone verify? If you cannot access the email here's the story. I applied for the AROTC scholarship and won a 3-year for Virginia Tech and Loyola Maryland during the second board back in Jan/Feb. On April 4, after the portal closed, I recieved an email from the Deputy Chief of staff, RMID Joseph O,Donnell that my 3yr scholarship for Loyola Maryland had been upgraded to a full 4yr. I didn't know this was a thing so I just wanted to know what the forum thought. Should I call cadet command? Let me know! IMG_1112.JPG
I apologize for the grammar here...tried getting this out before everyone went to sleep!
Yes, it's a real thing. Numerous other posters have also received the 4 year upgrade.
A number of 3YR scholarships were upgraded to 4YR. Congrats.