School Decision Before Waiver?

Jul 4, 2016
I've tried to look this up, but many people seem to be asking about specific waivers, not the overarching Waiver process.

Do I have to commit to a school before I receive a medical waiver for a 4-year AFROTC scholarship? ROTC is my backup in case I do not get in to a SA, so I do not want to commit to any school until after I find out about appointments.

I understand that waivers take awhile and that the process could go on for months. I have been very lucky. USAFA granted me a waiver within 9 days of first requesting it. USMA took 2 weeks at the most. AFROTC has taken over a month and counting.

Long story short, my question is: Will my DoDMERB status continue to be "pending waiver submission/review" until I agree to go to a civilian school through the scholarship or will it change even without a final decision?

Thank you in advance!
If you received a waiver for USMA and USAFA, then you should get one from AFROTC as well. The Service Academies tend to be stricter on granting waivers.