Sea Cadets + JROTC?


Jan 20, 2017
My DS is working on his application for USMA and came across the information on "JROTC Nomination to West Point". We do not have JROTC in our area, but he has been very active in the US Navy Sea Cadet program. They meet 1 weekend a month and he has attended several advanced trainings during the summer and winter breaks. He was recently promoted to Chief Petty Officer (CPO).

Does the USMA accept the Sea cadet program as an equal to the JROTC?

Thank you in advance
I'm not an expert on the Sea Cadet program but I am a JROTC senior instructor and can speak to that portion.

I do not think the Sea Cadet program has anything like the "JROTC nomination" process. The JROTC nomination process is actually written into public law, United States Code Title 10. I've included the address so you can search it yourself; but the bottom line is that some JROTC units are after a headquarters inspection, designated an "honor" unit. Honor units have a process whereby cadets can be nominated through the JROTC program, through the school's Principal, directly to the academy for consideration. This is a legitimate nomination however there are only 20 appointments available for ALL these type nominations so...very long odds.'s a good thing to have if you qualify for it. I did a quick search of the law and I didn't see any mention of Sea Cadets.

FYI...I know USAFA views participation in Sea Cadets, and progression in position and leadership role, as a VERY GOOD thing! It shows leadership, followership, discipline, community service, etc. This is a good thing and will count on the application.'s a bit convoluted, but go find:
10 U.S. Code § 4342 - Cadets: appointment; numbers, territorial distribution
And then you want to find:
32 CFR 901.12 - Honor military and honor Naval schools - AFROTC and AFJROTC category
This will explain some of the definitions. And lastly...
32 CFR 575.3 - Appointments; sources of nominations.
This is USMA specific and shows the appointments, categories, etc.

I hope this helps!!

First of all congrats to your DS on making Chief! That is a huge accomplishment and one my dd hopes to achieve when she gets older. Just from limited experience, the USNA seems to love Sea Cadets. DD noticed that there were many fellow cadets at STEM this summer because they all brought their PT gear to wear. Her mid (who she still texts and talks to) constantly tells her to keep up the good work with advancement and taking leadership roles. That's part of the reason she turned down Explorer training (a mixed bag AT for League Cadets) and instead staffed the Orientation.