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    I’m a 16 year old planning on applying to both USMA and USNA, so this thread would be applicable to both. I’m planning on joining Sea Cadets NOT for the application but because I have a genuine interest in it.

    For being 16, I understand it is a very late start. It was only about a year ago I had an interest spark in the military, and I’ve finally got my parents to allow me to do this. I’m hoping to gain experience with a military style extracurricular and some leadership aswell.

    HOWEVER, I don’t want this to look like an application booster. Would it even be beneficial to my application whatsoever?
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    May 22, 2018
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    Don’t do it because you think it will — or won’t — your application. Do it because you’re genuinely interested and can make meaningful contributions. Admissions staff are good at sniffing out resume padding. They’re also good at detecting real interest and impact. Make sure you’re in the latter group.
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    Three of my five kids are/were in Sea Cadets and it is a phenomenal program. Yes, you are starting a bit later then some but there is still plenty of time for you to attend RT (recruit training, or boot camp) plus a couple or more of the advanced trainings.

    There are many opportunities for leadership and you will gain a lot of insight into the military lifestyle, and it can help you discover more about the right path for yourself.

    Don’t go into it thinking it’s a resume booster. Go into it and give it your all - and the rewards will follow!
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    A lot depends on what you do with the time that you are in the program. If you just attend meetings and sit in the back of the might look like a resume booster. If you step forward, advance, and take advantage of all the opportunities, it will be helpful.
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    DS was in Sea Cadets and was able to hold leadership positions in his Division and at Advanced Trainings. He started late but put in a lot of effort. As stated previously, you will get out what you put in.
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    It is always good to take the opportunity to explore areas that you may want to have a career in.
    It is better to find out you hate uniforms and being told what to do early.
    Or you may find you love being at sea and working as a team and can't wait to do more.