Sea Trials and Herndon


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Jul 15, 2006
I was planning on going up to see my plebe in May when they have sea trials and Herndon. My plebe was telling me he thinks they have about a week free between the end of finals, May 8 and the beginning of Sea Trials, May 15. Can anyone confirm this, I would like to make my travel plans asap.
It all depends on what his summer training schedule looks like. He's going to be your best bet on determining that.
May also depend on when his finals end, which depends on the classes he's currently taking. Not sure whether those dates have yet been posted -- ask your son. The dates of Sea Trials and Herndon are probably posted on the website. If not, I'm sure your son knows them (at least Herndon!).
Posted on the USNA parent's site is this information which answers part of the question

Intercessional leave- May 9-13 (liberty expires on 5/13 at 18:00)
Okay, I'm a total dork!

I was under the really idiotic (see "horribly uneducated and naive") that sea trials were at the end of plebe summer. :redface:

Thank God I have been well informed here! Because I was thinking how the heck are they going to be a team when they've only known each other for 3 mos.?

Have patience with me; i'll learn. :screwy: :confused1:
At the end of the summer they'll go through PFOREX, or Plebe Forces Exercise...pretty much a toned down Sea Trials.

All the stations were on the yard, unlike Sea Trials which will have a lot of stuff at the Naval Station.

IIRC, we woke up at the usual 0530 or 0545, went to breakfast, then headed straight for Lejune to do the pool phase for about 3 hours, then ran to Hospital Point for some more fun, follwed by a run to Farragut for just a little bit more. Whole thing ended around 1500, where Sea Trials is supposed to conclude at 1800 or 1830.

The one thing I remember about that day is have extremely chaffed elbows and knees from so much crawling around...crawling through sandy mud didn't help either. Send your plebe with a pair of compression shorts to wear under their utilities to prevent chaffage...they'll be allowed to retrieve underwear and undershirts from their personal bags early in the summer.
not sure what rashguard is, but i used to use Body Glide during XC winter training.

Underarmour compression underwear is perfect for stuff like PFOREX...I plan on wearing it during Sea Trials and maybe even an Underarmour undershirt, if it doesn't show.
A rashguard is what surfers use under their wetsuit to stop a rash (I guess if you got sand in and it was rubbing between skin and neoprene or maybe the neoprene was a little too loose).

Is it that sort of thing? :scratch:
From all I've heard, UnderArmor is the bee's knees.

And to think the SEALs used to use pantyhose in Vietnam to prevent chaffage and to keep the leeches off them*. My, how far we've come....

* Yeah.... YOU go tell them something about it! :yllol:
Lesya25 said:
I think its kinda weird how Sea trials for USCGA are easier then the one for USNA.

Why do you say this? I think they're both tough.
Lesya25 said:
Do the other service academies have something like Sea trials?

USMMA has one called "Sea Year" :shake:

Actually they send KP mids to firefighting school twice in their curriculum. And then you never know what might happen while at sea. I fought two fires while a cadet.
I did firefighting school as an ensign. MAN that was cool....... and HOT!
Well just because the CGA one is only a day long and the USNA one is a week long and at the end of the year rather then the summer. Looks like a week at annapolis to me.
Well, as they used to advertise, "Leggs make you feel good all under!"

Just kidding and NO I'm not going to go tell a SEAL anything.

So, rash guard uppers and lowers?
Remember Lesya the CGA kids are on a ship for a week which the USNA does not do during their plebe summer. They get training in fire fighting, damage control, etc. So it kind of replicates some of the "sea trials" things other than carrying logs around...ha ha:lolatyou:
Did I ever mention that my step-father (who is step in name only) was UDT and then a SEAL instructor? He led a SEAL team in Vietnam. He has told me about the pantyhose. He always laughs about it, tho.