Second AROTC Selection Board

Dec 15, 2015
Tomorrow, January 23, the Selection Board meets to award AROTC scholarships. Good luck to everyone who is "boarded" and waiting to hear from the Board. For those who do not get the news they want from the Second AROTC Selection Board, remember you still have the Third Board. Best wishes to y'all.
This year, the 1st Board selectees' were notified about 3 weeks after the Board met. Not sure if that will be the case with Board #2 (usually many more applicants and awards), but 3 -4 weeks is probably a good rule of thumb.
The PMS at my son's #1 school pick said that if we hadn't heard something by February 14th to contact him... so that's our next suspense date.
The results are typically published 2-4 weeks after the board convenes. Once the award letter are mailed out, the ROTC schools are allowed to contact you about the award. Additional the award letter will be uploaded online and you can access it from the scholarship dashboard.
I see that the AROTC board dates are Jan 23-27. I've read somewhere that there are different boards that meet for different locations (maybe I saw the word "chapters"). Does anyone have info on this?